I found this in Chicago, and apparently it’s a little bit of a thing. I’ve come across pictures of other instances on Flickr, though none of the one I saw. I wish I’d snapped a phone pic of it, because I’m utterly infatuated with this concept.

I try to live my life in a state of love. Love without expectation of reward, love without demand, love without judgment. I fail abysmally at this in some ways, and I’m always trying to do better. Right? As it should be.

But there’s more. Love AND. Love and respect. Love and joy. Sometimes, love and pain.

I revel in being able to love as my heart chooses. Sometimes I may actually be a bit reckless with it, but I’ve never regretted it. Not once.

I came back from my little vacation with LOV& on my heart and on my skin. Maybe I should ink it permanently, somewhere small yet visible, as a constant reminder of what I live my life to do.

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