I’m not dark. I’m bright and shiny and all things rainbows and kittens. I’m scatterbrained, but not an idiot. I’m the girl that stops to look at the shiny pretty thing – the flower, the shoes, the interesting bug (that doesn’t look like it has painful pointy bits to use on me). I love owning shoes, and hate wearing them. I’m a hippie at heart, trying to find the motivation to conform to corporate standards and failing about half the time. I’m allergic to my favorite beer, I still have my ViewMaster from when I was a kid, and my room is always a mess.

I am a cluttered dusty attic of a girl, which means I’m full of fascinating little corners, strange old toys, skittery mice, and will possibly make you sneeze.

I’m a pansexual polyamorous kinky geek, which means I absolutely love to get into discussions and nerd out over relationships, gender, sexuality, BDSM, and anything else you can come up with. Intelligent, rational discussions like these make me incredibly happy.

Of note: My best friend told me, “The people that draw you are like art. They’ve got some color and sparkle to them. There’s nothing wrong with that. You will never look back and say, “oh yes, that guy… they just all blend together.” You look for somebody who sparkles, who is unlike everyone else. This is to be admired, my dear.” These words describe what I seek in such a perfect way, and I don’t think I could ever have said it better.

You can find me all over the internet, including at Neapolitan Romance.

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